What does a website cost?

We often get potential clients innocently ask us “What does a website cost?” and as we're sure you can appreciate, often it's not a simple matter working that out.

A website can have many components, these are just some of the things that can go into making a website to illustrate why it's simply not possible to give a figure off the top of our heads and that building a great website requires thought, planning and a partnership between client and agency.

Of course, not all of the things on this page are needed on every website but we hope if it gives potential clients a little more insight into what can be involved then we're happy.

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Things to consider when calculating the cost of a website

Factor:Are you able to supply content in a format suitable for the web or do you need help with copywriting? via @jpaylor
Factor:Are you planning on including User Testing throughout the development of your site?
Factor:Do you actually have a marketing budget for your site? via Sam Hearn
Factor:Do you have an existing content management system we need to work with? via @MarkSkinner_
Factor:Do you have any rush timescales that may require additional resource at short notice?
Factor:Do you have any specific accessibility requirements such as AAA levels of accessibility?
Factor:Do you have suitable images or do you need us to source images or provide photography for you? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you have your copy and has it been checked by your legal and compliance teams? via @andywoodrow
Factor:Do you have your own hosting already or do you need advice on the level of hosting and redundancy to provide? via @jaymzcampbell
Factor:Do you need any e-commerce functionality such as carts/basket, customer accounts, payment processing? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you need search facilities within your website? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you need to collect information from your visitors to store in a database? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you need to copy data from a previous site? via @wintercorn
Factor:Do you need to integrate third-party services/APIs such as Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps etc? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you need to integrate video and if so, does that video need to be encoded for multiple devices? via @jpaylor
Factor:Do you need us to integrate with other external systems or applications?
Factor:Do you require a content management system to power your site?
Factor:Do you require any membership features such as members-only content with registration and login facilities? via @jpaylor
Factor:Does it have to be written in a certain language in order to be compatible with your production environment or internal systems? via @robcharlwood
Factor:Does the website need to scale to handle large numbers of visitors? via @jpaylor
Factor:Does your brand need creating as part of the website build? via @andywoodrow
Factor:Does your intended audience include small screen users such as those on mobile phones and should they still be able to perform all the functions of your website on any device?
Factor:Have you already got a specification of features you would like to include or do you need advice and guidance from scratch?
Factor:How many page templates require bespoke design? via @gilestalbot
Factor:What level of browser support do you need for your website? Will this include older browsers such as IE6? via @cdwharton
Factor:Will you require post launch support and management? via @nicolafred
Factor:Do you have a plan to market/promote the website once it's launched? via @cwcrawley
Factor:Do you have a set measurable goals for your website, such as turnover, conversions or sales? via @iamkeir
Factor:Will your site require multi lingual support? via @cdwharton
Factor:Any of your pages need extra security for secure online transaction(s)? via @digitalbrushke
Factor:If you have a site already have you tested areas where you want to improve it?
Factor:Have you considered the potential for re-occuring maintenance / upgrade costs? via @meredevelopment
Factor:Will you require any on page SEO (keyword density checking) or further online marketing to assist the website further to its launch? via @resolutioncreat
Factor:What time frame would you like the site to be completed. via John
Factor:Do you plan to sell products or services and require an ecommerce solution? via @emilyyoung
Factor:How many different types of content does the site need to have? via @wearecreateful
Factor:How much scope is there for pre-design planning (i.e. creating an information architecture) and how often is this likely to be reviewed? via @andyshan
Factor:Has there already been a significant amount of research (to support user and business goals) to prop up an information architecture, or will this research have to be done from scratch? via @andyshan
Factor:Who will enter the site's content? via @drobar
Factor:Do you have specific software or hardware requirements or limitations we must work within? via @drobar
Factor:Will you need a search engine for your site? via @drobar
Factor:If this is an update to an existing site, how significant are the changes to the existing design, content, and underlying technology are you anticipating? via @drobar
Factor:How many people or departments are involved in the approval process for design, content, and "go live" authorization? via @drobar
Factor:Do you have written specifications and approval guidelines? via @drobar
Factor:Are on-site meetings required? How often? via @drobar
Factor:Do you want a blog, RSS feed, links to social media, comments, etc.? via @drobar
Factor:Do you want people to be able to personalise the site? via @tomsteel
Factor:Does your site need to have content fed from an external database? via @tomsteel
Factor:Do you need automated eMarketing, such as cross selling emails or emails triggered on certain stages (e.g. an automatic email after order dispatch to request a facebook 'like')? via @@davidatinsight
Factor:Do you need to integrate product reviews into the site? If so, will they be moderated? Will the reviews be displayed with a star rating? via @davidatinsight
Factor:Will you provide pictures or should the budget cover purchase of stock photography? via @ejkiewicz_com
Factor:Will you need to us to transfer the website from your previous host? via @ejkiewicz_com
Factor:Do you have a company logo or will it have to be created within budget? via @ejkiewicz_com
Factor:Will you need further training on using your website once the project is finished? via @ejkiewicz_com
Factor:Who will be deploying the final product once development has been completed? via @dan_lister
Factor:Will it require a startup boost like a viral-marketing campaign to launch successfully? via @hovlandur
Factor:Do the third party APIs have accurate documentation? via @peterbowyer
Factor:Do you want the ability to add new sections, pages, subpages etc to your website through your content management system or will the architecture be fixed? via @annefgreaves
Factor:Is it going to be Flash, CSS or Hybrid? via @habibgul
Factor:Do you want users to be able to signup for newsletters? via @HodgemanWeb
Factor:What is your budget via @pixelhype
Factor:Do you have a design-brief ready? via @niyambhushan
Factor:How many different types of access-privileges are required, for users logging in, if there is a web-engine powering it? via @niyambhushan
Factor:Are you looking to employ a gamification platform/System and if so how will you be able to iterate and make changes, over time based on your data? via @allyandwilbur
Factor:Is there any development you wish done for FaceBook: a page, app, ad, and/or a game? via @niyambhushan
Factor:Are you subject to any legal/industry regulations (e.g PCI, DPA) that are relevant to your website? via @attack_monkey
Factor:Do you need any form of reports on site usage? via @hovlandur
Factor:Do you wish to have the design adapted for touch-screen devices? via @niyambhushan
Factor:do you want an SEO analysis and a your copywriting reviewed with the keyword obtained? via @maximdesign
Factor:Do you want FB, Twitter, other Social Media Plugins interacting with visitors on site - do they have special requirements? via @lovewebdezign
Factor:Do you have a requirement to run multiple sites on multiple domains from 1 CMS? via @billywizz
Factor:Do you want your visitors to pay and enter card details directly on your website, or are you using a 3rd party, offsite service such as PayPal? via @roballport
Factor:Is this project going to be completed in one phase, or broken down into multiple phases, each with a separate budget? via @damonsharp
Factor:Would you like to incorporate user-submitted content, and how do you see it being utilized on the site? via @kcatharo
Factor:how 'accessible' does the site need to be? via @stugoo
Factor:Is this site part of a larger brand campaign or will it stand alone? What are the design considerations? via @mfredriksen
Factor:If there are advertisements on the site who is managing & designing them? via @zachshallbetter
Factor:Will you be adding downloads to the site? If so how would you like to upload and manage these - through the CMS or via FTP? via @annefgreaves
Factor:Will any external source of content need to be included using RSS, XML or similar? via @hjbdesign
Factor:Content Strategy: Do you have one? Where does the communications purpose and the creative direction of your website come together? Nevermind the who-does-what bit: do you have the "why" established? via @ninavizz
Factor:Have you got all the proper licenses for online font usage? via @nozzman
Factor:How important to you are the 'little things' w.r.t. user experience? an 80% app can be done very easily. It's that last 20% of refinements and polish that can and will take the majority of the time. via @jtzemp
Factor:Do you need any forms outside of a simple contacts us, or request more information form? via @windycityweb
Factor:Have you purchased/installed the SSL certificate if there is sensitive information will be sent through? via @zwintun
Factor:Do you have wire-frames ready, or would you like us to create these for you? via @niyambhushan
Factor:Is your domain and hosting set up and is migration to your host needed? via @nikiblaker
Factor:If you have an existing site, do you have access to all original source files? via @attack_monkey
Factor:Do we need to pull or convert content from any current websites? via @zachshallbetter
Factor:Will you need training on how to use the site once it's completed? via @gahlord
Factor:Have you identified your target audience(s) (e.g. primary, secondary, and tertiary)? Do you understand their needs, wants, and abilities? via @mfredriksen
Factor:Do you need the site tailored to mobile users? via @benzoh
Factor:If you require a CMS, will you be inserting the content yourselves, or would you require us to do this for you... if so, how much copy/text/images do envisage? Would the services of a copy writer be required? via @untiedshoes
Factor:Do you need to integrate a newsletter signup form? via @pixelhype
Factor:Do you need to publish an event calendar? via @conciergify
Factor:Do you require any flash or animation development? via @HodgemanWeb
Factor:If you are selling products/services via eCommerce, do you need things like discounts, vouchers and price breaks for volume sales? Do you need a separate login and price list for trade sales? via @davidatinsight
Factor:Do you require copy writing services? via @emilyyoung
Factor:Need to pay for more hosting bandwidth if a bigger site via @apple1rule